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Update build producer document for AGL IC container integration


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      The AGL IC container integration got big change from marlin.  That build procedure is same situation, that has big gap from existing AGL documentation.

      New build procedure describe in  https://confluence.automotivelinux.org/display/IC/Build+Procedure+for+AGL+IC+with+Container+Integration.  But that document structure don't have compatibility with existing document.

      Request: That new build producer merge into AGL documentation.

      A "03 Build and Boot guide Profile" has issue.
      "Build and Boot AGL Instrument Cluster demo image (IC-IVI with Container isolation)" describe how to build IC profile.
      "Build and Boot AGL Flutter Instrument Cluster demo image made for GSoC" and "Build and Boot AGL Flutter IVI dashboard demo applications made for GSoC" describe how to build one of the IVI demo based image. 
      This section will need restructure. 

      Request: Restructure for "01 Getting Started" and/or restructure for "03 Build and Boot guide Profile".

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