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Value not changing for hvac app in UI through afb-client-demo


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    • Koi 11.0.5
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    • NXP i.MX8

      Hello I was trying to change the default value for left temperature being shown in HVAC application in AGL demo image using afb-client demo. But it is not getting reflected in UI but through command its getting reflected. Is there any additional step to be done for the value change to be seen in UI. In general how do we control or change the default values shown in UI .Below shows the command that I have given:

      imx8mqevk:~# afb-client-demo -H ws://localhost:30032/api?token=x hvac set '{"LeftTemperature":45}'
      ON-REPLY 1:hvac/set: OK

      {     "status":"success",     "info":"No changes"   }

      imx8mqevk:~# afb-client-demo -H ws://localhost:30032/api?token=x hvac get
      ON-REPLY 1:hvac/get: OK

      {     "LeftTemperature":45,     "RightTemperature":21,     "FanSpeed":0   }


      {     "status":"success"   }


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