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CAN fails in Cluster demo


      The CAN signals have stopped working in Cluster Demo after 07/04/2023. journalctl shows:

      Apr 22 23:04:46 qemux86-64 dbcfeeder.py[260]: 2023-04-22 23:04:46,437 INFO dbc2val.dbcreader: * Handling Singal:SW_Horn, Value:1
      Apr 22 23:04:58 qemux86-64 dbcfeeder.py[260]: 2023-04-22 23:04:58,448 INFO dbcfeeder: Updating DataPoint(Vehicle.Cabin.SteeringWheel.Switches.Horn, true)
      Apr 22 23:04:59 qemux86-64 dbcfeeder.py[260]: 2023-04-22 23:04:59,449 ERROR dbcfeeder: Unknown error setting Vehicle.Cabin.SteeringWheel.Switches.Horn: {'action': 'set', 'path': 'Vehicle.Cabin.SteeringWheel.Switches.Horn', 'attribute': 'value', 'value': 'true', 'requestId': '2a6359cc-d2a8-4685-a63b-11f6b8639f0b', 'error': 'timeout'}

      I tried using "kuksa_viss_client" to confirm that CAN still works and it reported that the SSL certificate has failed.

      connect to wss://
      Disconnected!! [SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed: certificate has expired (_ssl.c:997)
      Error: Websocket could not be connected or the gRPC channel could not be created.

      And, indeed the Client.pem cerificate has expired.

      root@qemux86-64:~# openssl x509 -enddate -noout -in /etc/kuksa-val/Client.pem 
      notAfter=Apr  7 14:35:34 2023 GMT 

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