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KUKSA.val SSL client certificate has expired


      As reported to me by Markus Wolf of AVL, and confirmed with testing locally, the SSL client certificate that we're getting from KUKSA.val 0.2.1, which is used for WebSocket API access, has expired.  It had 1 year validity and it expired a little over a week ago, I believe.  The server certificate would have as well, but I regenerated that one last July to add the subjectAltName DNS attribute to fix use by some clients.  I am getting close with the KUKSA.val 0.3.1 upgrade, but looking at it, the certificates in it at the moment will expire in September, so it is likely better to just switch to certificates for the demo that have a longer validity, perhaps something like 2 - 5 years.  Something along those lines will be needed for Needlefish, and maybe an additional release build to include it...

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