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meta-agl-bsp SGX customizations clash with recent meta-ti changes


      meta-ti recently changed how graphics stacks for SGX and Rogue GPUs are handled, completely redoing the preference handling and dependencies on binary blob components vs. Mesa, etc.

      Also, rc.pvr SysVinit script is no longer provided for systemd systems in favor of the corresponding service file.

      This affects platforms based on TI SoCs - beaglebone, bbe and dra7xx/Vayu

      But meta-agl-bsp provides additional customizations for those platforms, such as unconditionally pulling in SGX binary blobs regardless of the image (even for headless telematics image), patching/updating rc.pvr SysVinit script, etc.

      This now clashes with recent meta-ti changes in Kirkstone and master and breaks the corresponding builds.


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