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Protocol update in Flutter/Chromium to latest version


      I've created this Jira task more for synchronization and discussions.

      I have an in-flight change for pushing agl-shell protocol to v4 which brings in a new request. It is detailed at https://gerrit.automotivelinux.org/gerrit/c/src/agl-compositor/+/28102

      And after that, I have another change to the agl-shell protocol which allows to bring in support for using a gRPC proxy rather than using wayland native protocol. This would allow other clients talk to the compositor, in-directly using that gRPC proxy. It is at https://gerrit.automotivelinux.org/gerrit/c/src/agl-compositor/+/28067

      After that update, I'd like to get both Flutter and Chromium platform to using the latest version of the agl-shell protocol.

      Currently, the flutter embedder is at v2 of the protocol, while in Chromium we're still at version 1.

      jwinarske, jdapena I've assigned this to me, but I'd like to get some feedback from you guys, is this something you'd like to get in and have the cycles to do it, or is this something I should be doing.

      If I were to do it, I'll most likely just provide some empty stubs, for the events, rather than make use of the functionality. Request can be implemented as API entry points, although without any users which would explicitly call them.

      In summary the following changes been done:

      v2 - adds bound_ok/bound_fail events
      v3 - adds status events for applications
      v4 - adds a new request to designate an activation area
      v5 - adds a new interface to allow other clients bind to the agl_shell protocol.

      I think v4 of the protocol could also benefit Chromium to avoid having a different background application, as outlined by scottm a while ago, but also because Flutter would need it to avoid spinning flutter instances for each application.

      I kind of want to wait for v5 to get in, but that might take some time to until that lands, so I'm not sure at this point if we should wait for it or not.

      I also suspect that scottm would actually need v4 implemented in the flutter embedder to make the homescreen workable, if he wants do it from the protocol rather than modifying the ini file.

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