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When using agl-weston-remoting on the apalis-imx8 board, the launcher cannot be displayed


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    • Koi 11.0.2
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    • apalis-imx8 running ivi
    • NXP i.MX8

      Hello, when I use the agl-weston-remoting feature on the apalis-imx8 board, sometimes the launcher cannot be displayed, the application icon cannot be displayed in the launcher, it will be stuck, the mouse is connected, and it cannot be moved!

      I compared the agl-compositor log with no remoting function and with the remoting function,there is an error:

      drm_virtual_output_repaint: Drop frame!!

      In the attachment, the remoting function is not turned on on the left, and it is displayed normally; when the remoting function is turned on on the right, it cannot be displayed

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