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"agl-cluster-demo-platform" qemu-x86_64 vmdk image issue with VirtualBox on koi branch


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    • Koi 11.0.3
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    • QEMU x86_64

      Hi community,
      There are some issues with the "vmdk" image of "agl-cluster-demo-platform" on "koi" branch with VirtualBox. After userspace loading, the compositor looks to be not loaded or maybe froze at init steps (maybe) and we have black screen (attached the image).
      The compositor immediately runs (display the cluster graphics) after gets an input from mouse pointer in vbox screen active area (mouse hover or click).
      Also, the cluster demo is not fitted to vbox borders on "koi" and also "jellyfish" branches.
      The VitualBox settings are mainly same with the one AGL documentations recommended, and I attached the vbox configs too.
      The "koi" and "jellyfish" images are just working perfectly fine with QEMU in the same environment with the QEMU command & options from meta-elisa README. Also works fine with the "qemu_agl_efi.sh" from SPEC-3357, so the "vmdk" looks to be OK, but It is weird that just happens on koi branch.
      This issue is just forwarded to Elisa project cluster demo image too and since they use the qemu-x86_64 image (with VirtualBox and QEMU) so these a few minor issues would be considered major there.

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