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Cannot re-launch GUI application after it is killed by kill command


      This issue is not appeared in Icefish. After JJ (10.0.0) , it occurred.

      In II case, GUI app can be launched again from tapShortcut after it was killed.

      Howeve, JJ case, the log is shown but GUI is not switched 

      Jun 29 03:08:25 h3ulcb afbd-agl-service-homescreen[3845]: INFO: [API homescreen] verb=[showWindow],appid=[hvac]. [/usr/src/debug/agl-service-homescreen/git-r0/git/src/hs-clientmanager.cpp:182,handleRequest]
      Jun 29 03:08:25 h3ulcb afbd-homescreen[3938]: [1598890.808] [libhomescreen DEBUG] [libhomescreen.cpp, on_reply(), Line:759] >>> msg: ({"response":{"verb":"showWindow","error":0},"jtype":"afb-reply","request":{"status":"success","info":"afb_event_push event [showWindow]"}})
      Jun 29 03:08:25 h3ulcb afbd-homescreen[3938]: [1598890.910] [HomeScreen DEBUG] [homescreenhandler.cpp, onRep(), Line:135] >>> HomeScreen onReply { "response": { "verb": "showWindow", "error": 0 }, "jtype": "afb-reply", "request": { "status": "success", "info": "afb_event_push event [showWindow]" } }

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