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  2. SPEC-3188

Update halibut (thud) layers in repo file


      repo diffmanifest default.xml default-floating.xml on halibut shows:

      added projects : 
      	external/meta-rcar at revision thud-v3.21.0
      	external/meta-renesas-rcar-gen3 at revision halibut
      removed projects : 
      	bsp/meta-rcar at revision e9bf7907fcf1f3013705de10a37b7561f6660e3c
      	bsp/meta-renesas-rcar-gen3 at revision halibut
      changed projects : 
      	bsp/meta-altera changed from 8a1d00568078790dac6fc0d94ed199b850f3bb75 to thud
      		[+] d5b4613 Cyclone5: Remove socfpga_cyclone5_trcom.dtb from dts list
      		[+] 564f8fd linux-altera-lts_5.4: update to latest SRCREV
      		[+] cd94e67 Kernel:  remove old unsupported kernels
      		[+] baa515a Kernel: Add lbdaf.scc to match master branch
      		[+] 823bf2b u-boot: update to v2019.10
      		[+] 79286c5 u-boot: update uboot 2019.04
      		[+] 3da4097 kernel: Add 5.4-lts and 5.4 kernels
      		[+] 18735f3 kernel: sync supported kernels with master
      		[+] 062ccdd u-boot: Update to supported 2019.04 u-boot
      		[+] d09b6a0 u-boot: Remove all unsupported u-boot versions
      		[+] ac6bdc1 Fix file name in Kernel Device Tree
      	bsp/meta-boundary changed from 4ea73c57f125ff0b8c3e17e5cc5d07b6168bbd6c to master
      		[+] 1b22f4a linux-firmware-gslx680: move fw to silead subfolder (#7)
      		[+] 1e76e65 Pull head of u-boot boundary repo in u-boot-boundary recipe
      		[+] f1efc57 Pull head of u-boot boundary repo in u-boot-script-boundary recipe
      		[+] d1a51cf Adding 4.14 kernel recipe
      		[+] 7ceb50e Using networkmanager and adding conf file to bring interfaces up automatically on boot.
      		[+] d0be768 mx8mq: weston.ini: substitute LF for CRLF
      		[+] cc2b59e weston.ini: substitute LF for CRLF, DSI-1 for DSI1
      		[+] 58fc483 tslib_%.bbappend: remove bogus patch file
      		[+] 1e2e4cd recipes-graphics/tslib_%.bbappend: initial addition
      		[+] 6fd3ae9 nitrogen8mm.conf: use boundary_defconfig from branch, prefer version 4.14
      		[+] 7cd0c12 xorg-xserver: fix xf86InstallSIGIOHandler
      		[+] eae4ee4 linux-imx-headers_4.14.x.bb: initial addition
      		[+] 2139360 linux-boundary_%.bbappend: use boundary_defconfig from linux branch chosen
      		[+] 07d187e boundary-eval-image.bb: remove chromium from build
      		[+] 5d3309c Changed naming convention of weston directories to be compatible with meta-freescale layer.
      		[+] a8f7159 Modifying weston.ini file for 8M and 8M Mini platforms. This is done so that all supported 8M and 8M Mini MIPI displays (7",8",10") properly display the UI in the  boundary-image-multimedia-full image.
      		[+] f95ca32 Bumping kernel rev to 4.14_2.0.0. Also updating defconfig.
      		[+] 2692df4 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/boundarydevices/meta-boundary
      		[+] b01745c Adding dtb for 8mm_som board
      		[+] 310cd31 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/boundarydevices/meta-boundary
      		[+] fc48047 Fixed typo in IMXBOOT_TARGETS variable assignment
      	bsp/meta-freescale changed from f5c932229c31b612cba38c2ed6f3c3ec6b800e92 to thud
      		[+] c7ab72d8 u-boot-imx: Fix filename at install
      		[+] 8b9a1e19 u-boot-imx-mfgtool: Add u-boot-imx to search path
      		[+] b73854c0 u-boot-imx: Fix x86_64-linux-gnu-gcc compilation error
      		[+] 46fcbab0 imx-boot: Pass DTB names to make
      		[+] 29fdb4a6 imx-gpu-viv: RPROVIDE virtual/libgbm
      		[+] 614fdc7d imx-gpu-viv: Fix GLESv1 packaging
      	bsp/meta-freescale-3rdparty changed from c4b5ac6b20e4245ce0630e9197313aaef999a331 to thud
      		[+] 545e809 linux-fslc: ccimx6ul: Adapt to v4.20
      	bsp/meta-intel changed from 278f0b5fa2f1836635178bdc770e035d77ae03c7 to thud
      		[+] a930f946 linux-intel-rt: Allow the build of multiple kernel packages
      		[+] b6d38046 linux-intel/4.9: update to v4.9.195
      		[+] c2008514 linux-intel-rt/4.14: update to v4.14.134
      		[+] 9d8e85be linux-intel_4.14: update to v4.14.138
      		[+] f6fa560e linux-intel-rt/4.19: update to v4.19.59
      		[+] bca4efb7 linux-intel/4.19: update to v4.19.62
      		[+] 33c3c4bd linux-intel/4.19: update to v4.19.57
      		[+] acfcc03a linux-intel_4.14: update to v4.14.133
      		[+] 1e16b50d linux-intel-rt/4.19: update to v4.19.50
      		[+] cb8b8096 linux-intel-rt/4.14: update to v4.14.126
      		[+] bb016e9c linux-intel-rt/4.14: update to v4.14.115
      		[+] 170b7682 linux-intel/4.14: update to v4.14.127
      		[+] 89d1855c linux-intel_4.14: update to v4.14.123
      		[+] 6111cc98 linux-intel-rt/4.19: update to v4.19.37
      		[+] cc8bf128 linux-intel/4.19: update to v4.19.55
      		[+] 0cf03ba0 linux-intel/4.19: update to v4.19.50
      	bsp/meta-rtlwifi changed from fd7ca0ca47c7095ced62a5a7cdef040dff87fb76 to master
      		[+] 174c9ba Merge pull request #11 from seimonw/rtl8821cu
      		[+] c4b0746 Merge pull request #10 from koenkooi/rtl8723bu-5.x
      		[+] 7740d13 github name change
      		[+] 53d84fc rtl8723bu: fix build with 5.x kernels
      		[+] ba034c6 Merge pull request #9 from seimonw/8821cu
      		[+] 18e9cf2 Removed commented out section
      		[+] ce0ff15 Add rtl8821CU chipset
      		[+] 069a9fa Merge pull request #8 from ricardosalveti/master
      		[+] 99a56e0 layer.conf: add zeus to compatible layer series
      		[+] 3d92044 Merge pull request #7 from ricardosalveti/master
      		[+] e3a2923 layer.conf: add warrior to compatible layer series
      	bsp/meta-sancloud changed from 9b837baf403ab7c38de2e05e8c3183e1ab54cfd3 to thud
      		[+] f91b336 linux-bbe: Update to ti2019.06
      		[+] c684fba arago: Ensure base packages are installed for full hw support
      		[+] 55f33f4 linux-bbe: Build new dtb files
      		[+] ae3383a linux-bbe: Update to ti2019.05 tag
      		[+] 81c7f1b u-boot-bbe: Update to v2019.10
      		[+] 6001c56 linux-bbe: Update to ti2019.04 tag
      		[+] ac1de5a linux-bbe: Update kernel config for icu4
      		[+] 3ce8f51 linux-bbe: Update automotive cape patch
      		[+] 845903d linux-bbe: Update to ti2019.03 tag
      		[+] 16d15ad linux-bbe: Update to ti2019.02 tag
      	bsp/meta-synopsys changed from c4fb64eba16782524448c8287656b907633fd0ed to thud-agl
      		[-] c4fb64e wireplumber: disable gobject-introspection for ARC
      		[-] 0c5e72d Remove 4a-alsa-core patches
      		[-] 3d880b6 Add ARC CPU suuport for pipewire
      	bsp/meta-ti changed from 2da08ed8b2f4a29fb7d45e769171ea5bb79cf0b2 to thud
      		[+] 879a7bd7 Revert "ti-ipc: Update to new version"
      		[+] c18c41a7 ti-ipc: Update to new version
      		[+] 04738e39 ipc-lld: limit BOARDS list when building for j7-evm
      		[+] aa7bc18c linux-ti-staging: update to ti2019.06-rc5
      		[+] 7db75cb1 cpsw9g-eth-fw: update to 6.2 to work with latest SYSFW 2019.12 APIs
      		[+] 9fe044fc Revert "ti-sysbiois: Sysbiois update to"
      		[+] 68d6e72f linux-ti-staging: update to ti2019.06-rc4
      		[+] fe763e7a ti-img-encode-decode: Update SRCREV to latest
      		[+] f0c9458d pcie-lld-rtos: Update license checksum
      		[+] 9f4da02b pm-lld-rtos:common-csl-ip-rtos: Adding am57xx boards for dra7xx build
      		[+] d418c1b4 common-csl-ip-rtos: Adding am57xx boards for dra7xx build
      		[+] e778576d ti-pdk-fetch: SRCREV update of pdk repo to 2020.1.22
      		[+] b7452e53 ti-sysbiois: Sysbiois update to
      		[+] 0deaf44c ti-img-encode-decode: Update SRCREV to latest
      		[+] d666ead5 ti-pdk-fetch: hard-link .git directory into workdir
      		[+] 29737b15 linux-ti-staging: update to ti2019.06-rc3
      		[+] f099d333 linux-ti-staging: update to ti2019.06-rc2
      		[+] c7de34d8 u-boot-ti-staging: update to ti2019.06-rc2
      		[+] e5da84ec ti-pdk-fetch: bump SRCREV for minor fix
      		[+] 68a5646b ti-sysbios: Sysbios update to
      		[+] f4630f59 libion: Fix build for multilibbed environment
      		[+] dd85eab8 ti-pdk-fetch: bump SRCREV for prusw-fw update
      		[+] 006c2b89 ti-ipc: Update ipc-examples to with bug fixes
      		[+] 79508707 prusw-fw: PRU switch firmware for am57xx
      		[+] 71926c72 ti-pdk-fetch: bump SRCREV for Processor SDK 6.2
      		[+] 49e2fefe common-csl-ip: bump SRCREV for Processor SDK 6.2
      		[+] 5c2075f5 pru-icss_git.bb: Update Manifest and PSSP commits
      		[+] ff61d7fb am57xx-evm: add am5729-beagleboneai.dtb
      		[+] 5099eb32 linux-ti-staging: update to ti2019.06-rc1
      		[+] 780d5a99 u-boot-ti-staging: update to ti2019.06-rc1
      		[+] ee8877cd udma-lld: update recipe to include j7200_evm in j7 board list
      		[+] f8f3ab91 udma-lld: Update to support multiple board list for make package
      		[+] 9e438902 prueth-fw, linux-ti-staging: allow packaging PRU ETH for GP and HS devices
      		[+] 7c8249c7 cmem: Adding am5729 beagleboneai CMEM configuration
      		[+] 50056525 cmem: am5729idk has specific CMEM cfg increased to 512MB
      		[+] c9df259d Fix "basehash value changed" errors and BB_NUMBER_THREADS usage
      		[+] 90c7b65c am335x-evm.conf: Use soft assignment for MKUBIFS_ARGS, UBINIZE_ARGS
      		[+] c099703d iolink-lld: TI RTOS low level driver for IO-Link Master
      		[+] d9ae9bba fvid2: TI RTOS Video Driver Interface
      		[+] 722c4548 cal-lld: TI RTOS low level driver for CAL
      		[+] 993bce32 ti-pdk-build: migrate to ti-pdk-fetch.bbclass
      		[+] 6d006070 utils-rtos: migrate to ti-pdk-fetch.bbclass
      		[+] 69a5c346 usb-lld: migrate to ti-pdk-fetch.bbclass
      		[+] c76afc42 udma-lld: migrate to ti-pdk-fetch.bbclass
      		[+] c2c52453 uart-lld: migrate to ti-pdk-fetch.bbclass
      		[+] eda458e5 tsip-lld: migrate to ti-pdk-fetch.bbclass
      		[+] 6211c51c transport-rtos: migrate to ti-pdk-fetch.bbclass
      		[+] b890b262 tcp3d-lld: migrate to ti-pdk-fetch.bbclass
      		[+] 90542f70 srio-lld: migrate to ti-pdk-fetch.bbclass
      		[+] 5ee4aaaa spi-lld: migrate to ti-pdk-fetch.bbclass
      		[+] 94553a96 sciclient: migrate to ti-pdk-fetch.bbclass
      		[+] c3408514 rm-lld: migrate to ti-pdk-fetch.bbclass
      		[+] 36294329 qmss-lld: migrate to ti-pdk-fetch.bbclass
      		[+] 49874edd pruss-lld: migrate to ti-pdk-fetch.bbclass
      		[+] ff3ffb4c prueth-fw: migrate to ti-pdk-fetch.bbclass
      		[+] 94a9f043 pru: migrate to ti-pdk-fetch.bbclass
      		[+] bd09bfe3 pcie-lld: migrate to ti-pdk-fetch.bbclass
      		[+] 057c58d6 pa-lld: migrate to ti-pdk-fetch.bbclass
      		[+] 0d29cd87 osal: migrate to ti-pdk-fetch.bbclass
      		[+] 258cd4b7 nwal-lld: migrate to ti-pdk-fetch.bbclass
      		[+] a797106c mmcsd-lld: migrate to ti-pdk-fetch.bbclass
      		[+] c6c19917 mcbsp-lld: migrate to ti-pdk-fetch.bbclass
      		[+] a7cfb4c6 mcasp-lld: migrate to ti-pdk-fetch.bbclass
      		[+] 3d9c6664 iqn2-lld: migrate to ti-pdk-fetch.bbclass
      		[+] a9155501 ipc-lld: migrate to ti-pdk-fetch.bbclass
      		[+] e52b3bff icss-emac-lld: migrate to ti-pdk-fetch.bbclass
      		[+] 7b3c1162 i2c-lld: migrate to ti-pdk-fetch.bbclass
      		[+] e3d22613 hyplnk-lld: migrate to ti-pdk-fetch.bbclass
      		[+] 0586936e gpmc-lld: migrate to ti-pdk-fetch.bbclass
      		[+] 472fe181 gpio-lld: migrate to ti-pdk-fetch.bbclass
      		[+] c424089d fftc-lld: migrate to ti-pdk-fetch.bbclass
      		[+] 527ec472 fatfs-rtos: migrate to ti-pdk-fetch.bbclass
      		[+] 0ea9252d emac-lld: migrate to ti-pdk-fetch.bbclass
      		[+] 8c5eac34 dfe-lld: migrate to ti-pdk-fetch.bbclass
      		[+] abbdf31d cppi-lld: migrate to ti-pdk-fetch.bbclass
      		[+] acfb8322 board-rtos: migrate to ti-pdk-fetch.bbclass
      		[+] 2577bb0e bcp-lld: migrate to ti-pdk-fetch.bbclass
      		[+] 55e6ea92 aif2-lld: migrate to ti-pdk-fetch.bbclass
      		[+] d1ad0605 ti-pdk-fetch: add class for common pdk sources
      		[+] 3d0ddebd ti-unpack: Simplify the logic to detect 32bit glibc on build host
      		[+] 80ff20de am335x-evm: bump max_leb_cnt again
      		[+] 3d5b6c3c linux-ti-staging: update to ti2019.05-rc4
      		[+] dfe45c30 u-boot-ti-staging: update to ti2019.05-rc4
      		[+] a2ae6e34 u-boot-ti-staging: update to ti2019.05-rc3
      		[+] 646bbc25 am65xx-evm: add k3-am654-evm-prupwm.dtbo
      		[+] 18ef686f linux-ti-staging: update to ti2019.05-rc2
      		[+] 4143cc42 am335x, am437x: bump max_leb_cnt again
      		[+] f53a4a96 am335x-evm: bump max_leb_cnt
      		[+] 8282e7be arm-trusted-firmware: update to 2.2
      		[+] d4f048a4 u-boot-ti-staging: update to ti2019.05-rc1
      		[+] f4a9e363 linux-ti-staging: update to ti2019.05-rc1
      		[+] 193f1830 am437x-evm: bump max_leb_cnt
      		[+] 94c02fd4 ipc-lld: inherit update-alternatives for softlink
      		[+] 05e41c29 ti-sgx-ddk-um: update SRCREV to pick up Mesa-based EGL/GLES libraries
      		[+] 82fc5dd9 ti-pdk-build-rtos: SRCREV update to
      		[+] 341b0946 ti-ipc: Update to new version
      		[+] 274b962b ti-img-rogue-driver: Update srcrev to pick latest
      		[+] 9ca82f13 kselftests: re-add ptp into main RDEPENDS
      		[+] 2899e6ed board-rtos: SRCREV update to
      		[+] 727411f9 ti-display-sharing-fw: update to
      		[+] 0dbf3cb4 cpsw9g-eth-fw: update ethernet firmware
      		[+] 72e5d8f3 Revert "ti-ipc: Update commit id for latest code for"
      		[+] 5e68fb81 am335x-hs-evm.conf: fix typo in machine description
      		[+] ee95ce17 mcasp-lld-rtos:SRCREV update to
      		[+] f04a389d ti-ipc: Update examples to latest version
      		[+] a8376499 board-rtos:SRCREV update to
      		[+] 0210f5f8 ti-img-rogue-umlibs: Update srcrev to pick FW arbitration fix
      		[+] a8e2395c ti-ipc: Update commit id for latest code for
      		[+] 934925cd u-boot-ti-staging: update to ti2019.04-rc4 tag
      		[+] 4baef878 linux-ti-staging: update to ti2019.04-rc4 tag
      		[+] fcd3528f transport-rtos: SRCREV update to
      		[+] e2f9cd6f pruss-lld: SRCREV update to
      		[+] 3b4dc14b mmcsd-lld-rtos: SRCREV update to
      		[+] dae986fa mcasp-lld-rtos: SRCREV update to
      		[+] dc631174 board-rtos: SRCREV update to
      		[+] afd22601 pru-pwm-fw: add PRU PWM Firmware recipe
      		[+] e0d82a65 ion-tests: Fix build with musl
      		[+] 0d87ef76 ti-pdk-build-rtos: SRCREV update to
      		[+] e29693f5 uart-lld-rtos: SRCREV update to
      		[+] 7d23f826 spi-lld-rtos: SRCREV update to
      		[+] f72fc27e sa-lld: SRCREV update to
      		[+] 6f41cf84 pruss-lld: SRCREV update to
      		[+] 4731ced7 osal: SRCREV udpate to
      		[+] 126d6340 mmcsd-lld-rtos: SRCREV uppdate to
      		[+] 55ba4afd mcasp-lld-rtos: SRCREV update to
      		[+] f0ae9ca0 i2c-lld-rtos: SRCREV update to
      		[+] 6f991a6f gpio-llld-rtos: SRCREV udpate to
      		[+] e9f078e8 emac-lld: SRCREV udpate to
      		[+] d3c16607 common-csl-ip: SRCREV update to
      		[+] 1ec168fa board-rtos: SRCREV update to
      		[+] c07d6535 IPCLLD: Added ipc_echo_testb for j721e RR5Fs
      		[+] 22f1a6f3 jailhouse: update to ti2019.04-rc3 tag
      		[+] 52cedec5 linux-ti-staging: update to ti2019.04-rc3 tag
      		[+] 986d13c4 u-boot-ti-staging: update to ti2019.04-rc3 tag
      		[+] 91d057eb ipc-lld: Adding recipe for IPC low-level driver and examples
      		[+] 52089aec ti-pdk-build-rtos: SRCREV update to
      		[+] 038ac63b multiprocmgr: SRCREV update to
      		[+] c900cf96 profiling-rtos: SRCREV update to
      		[+] 85a4db99 usb-lld-rtos: SRCREV update to
      		[+] 9f5c212f udma-lld-rtos: SRCREV update to
      		[+] d87868a7 uart-lld-rtos: SRCREV update to
      		[+] d4e4cdcc transport-rtos: SRCREV update to
      		[+] 9a416c58 starterware: SRCREV update to
      		[+] d95e2bec spi-lld-rtos: SRCREV update to
      		[+] 17ab2864 serdes-diag-rtos: SRCREV update to
      		[+] 66b138bd sciclient-rtos: SRCREV update to
      		[+] a131e929 pruss-lld: SRCREV update to
      		[+] f84c59f4 pm-lld-rtos: SRCREV update to
      		[+] 20706559 pcie-lld-rtos: SRCREV update to
      		[+] 1db77f83 osal: SRCREV update to
      		[+] 5acb520b nwal-lld: SRCREV update to
      		[+] 40fd4d71 mmcsd-lld-rtos: SRCREV update to
      		[+] 2c72ecce mmap-lld: SRCREV update to
      		[+] bbf529d6 mcasp-lld-rtos: SRCREV update to
      		[+] 4475b8e1 icss-emac-lld: SRCREV update to
      		[+] 94310296 i2c-lld-rtos: SRCREV update to
      		[+] be30944b gpio-lld-rtos: SRCREV update to
      		[+] ce990d30 fatfs-rtos: SRCREV update to
      		[+] 7506c389 emac-lld:SRCREV update to
      		[+] 7201f237 dfe-lld:SRCREV to
      		[+] 6a19d1c2 common-csl-ip: SRCREV to
      		[+] 4629a4b0 board-rtos: SRCREV update to
      		[+] 4b787bc4 vshmem-uio-driver: Make it ti-soc specific
      		[+] a6195471 pru-icss: fix build warnings for j7-evm
      		[+] 1a7986a8 ti-img-rogue-driver: Update srcrev to pick latest changes
      		[+] 3928009e ti-img-rogue-umlibs: Update srcrev to pick virt fw bin
      		[+] 666cff26 recipes-bsp: ivshmem-uio: Add new recipe for ivshmem-uio driver
      		[+] 2d5a7e06 ti-img-encode-decode: Update SRCREV to latest
      		[+] 18e72eef rwmem: Update to 2.0-rc2+
      		[+] 77acab40 ti-cgt7x: Update to version 1.2.0
      		[+] 9f37e04d recipes-kernel: jailhouse: update SRCREV to ti2019.04-rc2 tag
      		[+] be64cf06 uim: Rename to uim-sysfs
      		[+] 1a83bdda pru-icss: add J721E Support
      		[+] 84c20a64 linux-ti-staging: update to ti2019.04-rc2 tag
      		[+] f734479b u-boot-ti-staging: update to ti2019.04-rc2 tag
      		[+] aa62e939 ti-sgx-ddk-km: Update SRCREV to pick CMA mem area changes
      		[+] 347d3216 conf/machine: mtools and dosfsutils are now in wic depends by default
      		[+] c75bcd66 ti-img-encode-decode: Update SRCREV to latest
      		[+] 1878a13b ti-ipc: Update to new version
      		[+] 0c0a1c81 j7-evm: add new k3-j721e-proc-board-tps65917.dtb
      		[+] 923788bb cpsw9g-eth-fw: update ethernet firmware
      		[+] bc703314 sciclient-rtos: SRCREV update
      		[+] 528604a3 ti-img-rogue-driver: Update srcrev to pick get_order fix
      		[+] db6b94fb u-boot-ti-staging: update to ti2019.04-rc1 tag
      		[+] fb37063e linux-ti-staging: update to ti2019.04-rc1 tag
      		[+] 71d0a831 libion: update to fix musl builds by avoiding __BEGIN_DECL/__END_DECL
      		[+] c7c40f8a ibl-boot-rtos: SRCREV bump to address b2ccs utils packaging issue on windows
      		[+] cdd6aa9e ti-img-rogue-umlibs: Update srcrev to pick latest
      		[+] 5d174a34 videnc-test-app: Add the videnc-test-app recipe
      		[+] 597599c6 viddec-test-app: Update to the latest
      		[+] 5e96862d libgbm: Remove remaining parts of this project
      		[+] b069cff4 cpsw9g-eth-fw: Add CPSW 9G support for J7
      		[+] 3400b9a5 ion: add libion and ion-tests packages for ION support
      		[+] 0e7bf4a0 emac-lld-rtos: Adding trace-rtos as a dependency for k3 devices
      		[+] 4ad9d0d0 ti-img-encode-decode: Update SRCREV and build encoder
      		[+] a873699b ti-gc320-libs: only compatible with DRA7xx platform
      		[+] 5e7d7971 ti-sgx-ddk-km: also support arm-oe-linux-gnueabi as a hardfp compiler
      		[+] 7a5897c7 ti-img-rogue-driver: port generic toolchain support from SGX
      		[+] b9ce2c78 jailhouse: ensure INITRAMFS_IMAGE is initialized, pass full CC var
      		[+] bfb83a0a ti-img-rogue-umlibs: Update srcrev to pick latest fixes
      		[+] 21aa1f94 ti-img-rouge-umlibs: Update srcrec to pick virt bins
      		[+] 3084b3f4 ti-img-rogue-driver: Update src to pick virt changes
      		[+] 77d187dd cadence-mhdp-fw: update to 1.2.17
      		[+] 1214f068 ti-sgx-ddk-um: Remove the removing of wayland-egl.pc
      		[+] 01de0d35 ti-sgx-ddk-um: Drop omap5-sgx-ddk-um-linux package
      		[+] 7b978c3b ti-sgx-ddk-um: Add wayland-protocols as build dependency
      		[+] d4b56f63 ti-sgx-ddk-um: Add expat as runtime dependency
      		[+] f22dceb1 ti-sgx-ddk-um: libgbm is now part of this project
      		[+] 850d2b60 am65xx, j7-evm: add secondary serial console for Jailhouse
      		[+] d8107aed jailhouse: use ramfs for linux-demo
      		[+] 40b21c45 jailhouse: provide tools package
      		[+] f15153c2 jailhouse: remove earlycon bootargs for all k3
      		[+] a327063e linux-ti-staging: update to ti2019.03-rc4 tag
      		[+] f2d1a23c u-boot-ti-staging: update to ti2019.03-rc4 tag
      		[+] 35a6a9f4 ti-pdk.bbclass:j7-evm.conf: Correcting the core list for j7-evm (mpu2/3_x to mcu2/3_x)
      		[+] 49785d69 j7-evm.conf: Correcting the core list for j7-evm (mpu2/3_x to mcu2/3_x)
      		[+] 5ececd29 am65xx-evm, beagle-x15, beaglebone, j7-evm, lego-ev3: Let user optionally override kickstarter files
      		[+] 1cad885e conf/machine: update with new DTBs/DTBOs
      		[+] af99a1e8 sciclient-rtos: Adding mcu1_1 to LIMIT_CORES for am65xx targets
      		[+] ce600f71 linux-ti-staging: update to ti2019.03-rc3 tag
      		[+] ee2665f7 jailhouse: update to ti2019.03-rc2
      		[+] 878c9e32 udma-lld-rtos: Adding support for J7-evm
      		[+] f617485b board-rtos: Updating dependencies for j7-evm
      		[+] c4be52f2 i2c-lld-rtos: Updating dependants for j7-evm
      		[+] bee20c07 sciclient-rtos: Adding support to j7-evm
      		[+] 712ae7ed ti-pdk-bbclass: Defining dependants for j7-evm, updated the default core list
      		[+] 8b25bf3a ti-cgt-7x: Initial version of TI-CGT-C7000 recipe
      		[+] 6bb2459f ti-paths.inc: Adding install directory for ti-cgt-7x
      		[+] 4e0d3e5b am65xx-hs-evm: add DTB/DTBO load addresses and offset
      		[+] 52390ce9 j7-evm.conf: Adding TI_PDK_LIMIT_SOCS/BOARDS/CORES for j7
      		[+] da02cc3b linux-ti-staging: update to ti2019.03-rc2 tag
      		[+] aa080c7e u-boot-ti-staging: update to ti2019.03-rc2 tag
      		[+] 6feb9b15 ti-sysbios: Update to sysbios
      		[+] f2d39101 emac-lld:SRCREV bump to
      		[+] 71f95093 ipc-transport: SRCREV update to
      		[+] b43f332e qmss-lld: SRCREV update to
      		[+] 108509e8 pru-swuart-fw: add PRU Software UART Firmware recipe
      		[+] 661bbc89 pru-icss: also install headers and library into dev packages
      		[+] 04989ab5 ipc-lld-fw: fix ALTERNATIVE use as package-specific
      		[+] 29fe4e29 u-boot-ti-staging: update to ti2019.03-rc1 tag
      		[+] eca0e0fb linux-ti-staging: update to ti2019.03-rc1 tag
      		[+] 6e0f1fce ti-pdk-build-rtos: SRCREV update to
      		[+] cca3efb8 swtools: SRCREV update
      		[+] 395d8868 mathlib: SRCREV update
      		[+] 5eb082c7 dsplib: SRCREV update
      		[+] f3b44a27 wdtimer-rtos: SRCREV update to
      		[+] da122a75 tsip-lld-rtos: SRCREV update to
      		[+] fde65b41 transport-rtos: SRCREV update to
      		[+] 449e8900 traceframework: SRCREV udpate to
      		[+] 26e42eb7 tcp3d-lld-rtos: SRCREV update to 0-
      		[+] a36c4a15 srio-lld: SRCREV update to
      		[+] f46a00c5 serdes-diag-rtos: SRCREV udpate to
      		[+] 659fad9c sa-lld: SRCREV update to
      		[+] 92b85b36 rm-lld: SRCREV update to
      		[+] 70892355 pktlib: SRCREV update to
      		[+] ffbce20b pa-lld: SRCREV update to
      		[+] 11c0a971 nwal-lld: SRCREV update to
      		[+] 5b44efd9 mmap-lld: SRCREV update to
      		[+] 8a3a7a72 iqn-lld: SRCREV update to
      		[+] 88584f3e hyplnk-lld: SRCREV update to
      		[+] 9c0a6b1f fftc-lld-rtos: SRCREV update to
      		[+] becf263f faultmanagement-rtos: SRCREV update to
      		[+] bd8582e5 edma3-lld: SRCREV update
      		[+] 40b7eff5 cppi-lld: SRCREV update to
      		[+] 218de609 bcp-lld-rtos:SCREV update to
      		[+] b262beb5 aif2-lld: SRCREV update t
      		[+] 5c7c340a ipc-lld: firmware binary updates with WFI fix
      		[+] bcd2eefa ti-cgt-pru: Update to version 2.3.2
      		[+] 9fa983d9 ti-ipc: Update to new version
      		[+] 904d561f ipc-lld: add AM65xx IPC echo_test firmware binaries
      		[+] cd45332e cuia: suppress texrel warning
      		[+] e101bdfe udma: suppress texrel warning, set correct PV version
      		[+] 55ba1a6c recipes: suppress potential host contamination warnings due to ownership
      		[+] 883186b2 ti-img-rogue-umlibs: Update recipe to pick newer version
      		[+] 28688194 ti-img-rogue-driver: Update recipe to pick newer version
      		[+] 18a2e835 ti-xdctools: Update to version
      		[+] b988e32b ti-ns: Update to version
      		[+] 255ecbaa ti-ndk: Update to
      		[+] a6361a62 swtools: actually use defined CP_ARGS
      		[+] a09ea34f linux-ti-staging: update to 4.19.59, drop k3-j721e-dp0.dtbo
      		[+] 3ebac694 ti-cgt-arm: extend to nativesdk
      		[+] 5b1f2650 ti-cgt-arm: consolidate into single file
      		[+] 3d2ff2e2 ti-cgt6x-7: extend to nativesdk
      		[+] afe959f5 ibl-boot-rtos: SRCREV update
      		[+] 0f44e93f ti-unpack.inc: abort if 32 bit libs are not installed
      		[+] 1f9d1c11 cadence-mhdp-fw: fix firmware license path
      		[+] 9cb6e2ca profiling-rtos: SRCREV update to
      		[+] 4cfa8f90 trace-rtos: Adding trace utilities for PDK drivers
      		[+] a4c71e8c jailhouse: update to ti2019.02-rc4 tag
      		[+] c74d0385 linux-ti-staging: update to ti2019.02-rc4 tag
      		[+] bff3f7d9 u-boot-ti-staging: update to ti2019.02-rc4 tag
      		[+] f07c8ffc amx3-cm3,u-boot-ti: Pin to gcc compiler
      		[+] 65145a01 amx3-cm3: Use COMPATIBLE_MACHINE instead of COMPATIBLE_HOST
      		[+] adfb6590 jailhouse: Pin to TI SOCs
      		[+] 7b1d681e jailhouse: combine 2 __anonymous() functions, clean tabs
      		[+] 01579977 jailhouse: Limit OE architectures to supported ones
      		[+] ec0e20bb ti-display-sharing-fw: Do not strip during staging sysroot stage
      		[+] 2ba552f4 emac-lld: bump SRCREV to
      		[+] cef71323 arm-trusted-firmware: update to the latest in 2.1
      		[+] 91b65632 linux-ti-staging: update to ti2019.02-rc3 tag
      		[+] 3937294d u-boot-ti-staging: update to ti2019.02-rc3 tag
      		[+] 93e6c419 jailhouse: Update with inmate DT bugfixes
      		[+] bb3fe164 linux-ti-staging: add configuration for remoteproc/rpmsg IPC modules
      		[+] 528c168f j7-evm: Add new DTBO for jailhouse
      		[+] d3cf35ff linux-ti-staging: update with A&D and Jailhouse merges
      		[+] ced12ba1 jailhouse: add recipe for Jailhouse module, FW, cells, inmates and basic demo
      		[+] 799f03e7 osal: SRCREV update to
      		[+] 147e534d ti-pdk-build: SRCREV update to
      		[+] 979704bf ti-img-rogue-umlibs: add missing dri plugin for powervr gpu
      		[+] 42ccd3c3 ipc-lld-fw: fix filename typo for c7x firmware
      		[+] ae6c103b ti-display-sharing: use consistent -fw naming for firmware packages
      		[+] 075e838a ipc-lld: add J721E IPC echo_test firmware binaries
      		[+] d9682a99 linux-ti-staging: update to ti2019.02-rc2 tag
      		[+] 0b33cb63 u-boot-ti-staging: update to ti2019.02-rc2 tag
      		[+] 57c52ef2 ti-display-sharing: add recipe for fw integration
      		[+] d439856b cadence-mhdp-fw: fix install location for firmware
      		[+] 55ad9304 ti-img-encode-decode: Update SRCREV to pick up latest
      		[+] e2dc8f52 emac-lld-rtos: SRCREV update to
      		[+] d257eb48 usb-lld-rtos: SRCREV update to
      		[+] 25f4d822 board-rtos: SRCREV update to
      		[+] 473ea189 ti-img-rogue-umlibs: remove X11 definitions
      		[+] 226fdebe ti-img-rogue-umlibs: Add missing wayland, expat rdepends
      		[+] 8b8c3c66 ti-img-rogue-umlibs: Add plugins list
      		[+] 0f76a4b2 ti-img-rogue-umlibs: Mark this as provider for libgbm
      		[+] 344548de ti-img-rogue-umlibs: Update SRCREV to pick wayland ws libraries
      		[+] 8b584b5c ti-img-rogue-driver: Update srcrev to pick wayland ws support
      		[+] 5b6b2fee transport-rtos: SRCREV update to
      		[+] 9e19ec62 pruss-lld: SRCREV update to
      		[+] d14b8157 emac-lld-rtos: SRCREV update to
      		[+] 09f303a5 board-rtos: SRCREV update to
      		[+] 68bf6a0d i2c-lld-rtos: SRCREV update to
      		[+] b0d3e3f6 board-rtos: SRCREV update to
      		[+] 0de576e8 csl-rti-dwwdtest-fw: add MCU watchdog test firmware
      		[+] d88ce32d ti-img-rogue-umlibs: add window system as an install option
      		[+] 802efa98 ti-img-rogue-driver: switch to linux window system branch
      		[+] 10304085 ti-img-rogue-umlibs: switch to linux window system branch
      		[+] c7993d26 prueth-fw-bin: remove prebuilt firmware recipe
      		[+] cc3ae5a7 linux-ti-staging: switch RDEPENDS to prueth-fw-am65x
      		[+] ef671f22 prueth-fw-am65xx: build am65xx prueth-fw from source
      		[+] f1a902c6 emac-lld: separate SRC_URI in inc file
      		[+] 2e19c26b emac-lld-rtos: SRCREV update to
      		[+] da9b8993 ti-pdk-build: SRCREV update to
      		[+] e95374a4 usb-lld-rtos: SRCREV update to
      		[+] 1b1e7f7f udma-lld-rtos: SRCREV update to
      		[+] 61581647 uart-lld-rtos: SRCREV update to
      		[+] c5062bdd transport-rtos: SRCREV update to
      		[+] 541643fc starterware: SRCREV update to
      		[+] 04d245a2 spi-lld-rtos: SRCREV update to
      		[+] 22383066 serdes-diag-rtos: SRCREV update to
      		[+] 8d76316b sciclient-rtos: SRCREV update to
      		[+] 4193807e sa-lld: SRCREV update to
      		[+] d6073c88 pruss-lld: SRCREV update to
      		[+] 8bc260ad pm-lld-rtos: SRCREV update to
      		[+] 94d49d82 pcie-lld-rtos: SRCREV update to
      		[+] 300643c4 osal: SRCREV update to
      		[+] 84973b0e mmcsd-lld-rtos: SRCREV update to
      		[+] 1685d40a mcasp-lld-rtos:SRCREV update to
      		[+] 76e15b3f icss-emac-lld: SRCREV update to
      		[+] b005a655 i2c-lld-rtos: SRCREV update to
      		[+] eb45b4ae gpio-lld-rtos:SRCREV update to
      		[+] 01be17c5 fatfs-rtos: SRCREV update to
      		[+] 563446c4 edma3-lld: SRCREV update to
      		[+] 814250c5 common-csl-ip: SRCREV update to
      		[+] 735e8fda board-rtos: SRCREV update to
      		[+] 4c130089 cadence-mhdp-fw: add Cadence MHDP DP bridge firmware
      		[+] 269ec4bb arm-trusted-firmware: update to ti2019.02-rc1 tag
      		[+] 6ab32c9f j7-evm: add new DTBOs for DP and display sharing
      		[+] 8b7d1660 linux-ti-staging: update the RT kernel tag for ti2019.02-rc1
      		[+] 6b8d15d2 u-boot-ti-staging: update to ti2019.02-rc1 tag
      		[+] 6df57301 ti-img-rogue-driver: bump SRCREV to pick compiler error fixes
      		[+] 24c309e8 viddec-test-app: Add the viddec-test-app recipe
      		[+] 6eedcfaf ti-img-encode-decode: Add the ti-img-encode-decode recipe
      		[+] 9745e924 vxd-dec-fw: Add the recipe for vxd-dec-fw
      		[+] f51c4046 conf/machine: rename "sgx" flag to "gpu" in MACHINE_FEATURES
      		[+] a91bfd60 linux-ti-staging: update to the latest
      		[+] 13fd62e0 img-pvr-drivers: specify SGX and Rogue as virtual providers for GPU driver
      		[+] 7a1968a8 machines: k2*: restore original max_leb_cnt
      		[+] da0a8ea3 pm-lld-rtos: Enable building opencl-monitor for dra76xx
      		[+] bfbe31ac cmem: Add CMEM 384MB block to dra76xx to enable opencl and tidl
      		[+] 84cd63c1 ti-img-rogue-umlibs: add PowerVR Rogue GPU user mode libraries for J721E SoC
      		[+] 233f4dbe ti-img-rogue-driver: add PowerVR Rogue kernel module for J721E
      		[+] 08341111 u-boot-ti-staging: update to the latest
      		[+] d6c03fbb linux-ti-staging: update to 4.19.50
      		[+] 713b53ba ti-uio: rebase pru-uio device tree files
      		[+] b6dbb1dc am335x, am437: bump max_leb_cnt numbers due to added features
      		[+] c3687685 u-boot-ti-staging: update to the latest
      		[+] 84880d7c j7-evm: add new infotainment DTBO file
      		[+] ef13ecaf linux-ti-stagin: update to the latest
      		[+] 82da3c63 linux-ti-staging: update to the latest with support for J7
      		[+] 334a7dd9 u-boot-ti-staging: update to the latest with support for J7
      		[+] 5565ffe7 arm-trusted-firmware: update to the latest with support for J7
      		[+] 31247cdf j7-evm: add config for J7 (J721e) machine
      		[+] d19d8407 am65xx-evm: add tispl.bin to wic image and comment for tiboot3.bin and sysfw.itb
      		[+] 2a07217c dsplib: bump SRCREV to pick up updated test reports
      		[+] 454ee2a5 mathlib: bump SRCREV to pick up updated test reports
      		[+] 8fcff450 swtools: bump SRCREV to compile dsplib/mathlib with "--legacy"
      		[+] f92c2bd7 serdes-diag-rtos: SRCREV update to and adding support to k3
      		[+] 382b5471 ti-sgx-ddk-um: bump SRCREV to pick up the fix for AM5 performance degradation
      		[+] 0ac2433b vps-lld-rtos: fix DEPENDS
      	external/alexa-auto-sdk changed from 86916d2d8c1702a8be3c88a9012ca56583bcc0c8 to 2.0
      		[+] 24bff89 Documentation Update: Builder README is updated with a note for docker environment
      		[+] 0424999 Documentation Updates: To provide links to optional extension resource directories and to list a missing prerequisite required to build the Android Sample App on macOS hosts.
      	external/meta-spdxscanner changed from a73c7581aa3076f2d21b3db754aacd85de3294ec to master
      		[+] 0feeb60 Deleted the redundant space.
      		[+] 6f15ec8 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/dl9pf/meta-spdxscanner
      		[+] 08a1e49 Support upload packages to different folders.
      		[+] 65db966 Fix a miss.
      		[+] 17c27e5 Fix some bugs and impove the success rate when get spdx report.
      	external/meta-updater changed from e4dd74565f429b576e84972d12cc1ae2048be119 to thud
      		[+] b3e96c5 Merge pull request #682 from minori-yasumura/thud
      		[+] 331ad9e Rename defconfig and bootfiles
      		[+] 1b43391 Merge pull request #680 from advancedtelematic/fix/thud/agl-build-connman
      		[+] 9beb16e connman: Only apply our patch to 1.35.
      		[+] 6b9eabe Merge pull request #671 from advancedtelematic/feat/thud/2020.2
      		[+] b55ea10 Bump a new aktualizr version
      		[+] 97da1b5 Fix default uboot-enable variable in qemu command script
      		[+] f76832c aktualizr: Remove unused hmi-stub and examples package.
      		[+] 1d7f34a  build and run image without ostree support for qemux86-64
      		[+] 1290416 aktualizr: relies on nss-lookup.target
      		[+] 544eecf Merge pull request #665 from advancedtelematic/feat/thud/2020.1
      		[+] ae69c53 aktualizr: Bump to latest.
      		[+] bbc4cc3 OTA-4174: Make an ostree update a default on IP Secondary
      		[+] 56d4502 zabbix-agent: configuration recipe
      		[+] bbb55e9 fix issue with attr error for host_forward
      		[+] 5adcb8e run-qemu-ota: passing hostfwd as command line argument
      		[+] 87cf51b Adapt to shared libraries changes in aktualizr
      		[+] 5eb6faf README: bump copyright to 2020.
      		[+] f009b73 Allow dots in ostree branch names and hw ids
      		[+] 0a4e750 meta: add python to HOSTTOOLS_NONFATAL
      		[+] d61874d Thud backport for 2019.11 (#647)
      		[+] f32ebda Merge pull request #650 from advancedtelematic/feat/thud/exclude-otf-from-schedules
      		[+] 9d6ada8 Don't trigger otf on nightly meta-updater schedules
      		[+] 106f17a Update aktualizr to 2019.11
      		[+] 700e811 Set PKCS11_ENGINE_PATH when using aktualizr with HSM
      		[+] ba51b5a Add --bootloader flag to specify path to a custom u-boot rom.
      		[+] bbc10ac keep new name suggestion remove ostree repo check
      		[+] 266a3d2 Use regex and add some variables
      		[+] d0f9a78 Add sanity checks for user-defined SOTA variables
      		[+] 602715e Merge pull request #640 from advancedtelematic/feat/thud/run-otf-on-pr
      		[+] f766399 Trigger otf bitbake tests on PR
      		[+] a98ec26 Merge pull request #634 from advancedtelematic/feat/thud/2019.10
      		[+] 8409a07 aktualizr: Upgrade to 2019.10 release and latest garage-sign.
      		[+] 9f0418e Build core-image-minimal for rpi on CI
      		[+] 7d3fc76 aktualizr: Remove systemd packaging.
      		[+] 44339d4 Only push repo manifest if garage-push supports it
      		[+] bca0693 Send a copy of repo manifest through garage-push
      		[+] 7d2a9e2 meta: change OTA_IMAGE_ROOTFS to TAR_IMAGE_ROOTFS
      		[+] 42c59a9 OTA-3988: Split the local.conf to a base and a distro specific part
      		[+] 6b0cb3f OTA-3988: make the DISTRO value in poky-sota-systemd.conf aligned to the systemd case
      		[+] 06eadcf Remove a now unnecessary hack in rpi oe-selftests
      		[+] 58817f0 OTA-3988: oe-selftest for the non-systemd case
      		[+] c46091d OTA-3988: force an ostree boot indication only in case of non-systemd distro
      		[+] d74b923 Indicate an OSTree boot on start
      		[+] 6ab1530 OTA-3988: Don't build the networkd-dhcp recipe if systemd is not included into the disto feature list
      		[+] fb4e10c OTA-3988: Non-systemd/poky-sota local.conf
      		[+] 0b087a3 Merge pull request #618 from advancedtelematic/feat/thud/2019.9-backport
      		[+] c1766d6 Fix aktualizr-ptest breakage
      		[+] 2207fe9 networkd-dhcp-conf: Remove allarch.
      		[+] dbc841d aktualizr: remove systemd from PACKAGECONFIG.
      		[+] f22f865 Default bblayers.conf for rpi3-64 also requires meta-python.
      		[+] aa8d68a aktualizr: Bump to 2019.9 release and latest garage-sign.
      		[+] b1ee116 image_types_ostree: Fix OSTree ref-bindings
      		[+] 0817c87 aktualizr-device-prov-creds: remove it.
      		[+] 4bcb164 Specify more configs as MACHINE_ARCH.
      		[+] 3b2b6e4 Split aktualizr hwid config to another recipe
      		[+] 9c700dc layer.conf: Update LAYERDEPENDS_sota.
      		[+] 0f25771 aktualizr: use SIGGEN_EXCLUDE_SAFE_RECIPE_DEPS for config recipes.
      		[+] 1f7ff1f demo-config: recipes that depend on MACHINE cannot be allarch.
      		[+] b2cc2e0 demo-config: inherit allarch for config-only recipes.
      		[+] ce0e0fb demo-network-config: use ${libdir} consistently.
      		[+] f2b1527 aktualizr: fix secondary recipes' dependencies.
      		[+] 11ce685 Fix aktualizr version reporting in yocto image
      		[+] 8985532 Give names to different SRC_URI in aktualizr recipe
      		[+] b207592 README: Point docs at the dev guide in the portal.
      		[+] 7727e1e README: fix a malformed link and add some more.
      		[+] b6dfe52 README: update and restructure the links to the dev portal.
      		[+] 44d375e Example config for a virtual secondary.
      		[+] 8bf95a9 Use the recommended kernel entry point on RPI
      		[+] aeffb5f Raspberrypi4 initial support
      		[+] ec29abc Remove Jenkins references in meta-updater
      		[+] ee1548d Merge pull request #602 from advancedtelematic/backport/thud/2019.7
      		[+] 5452e9f aktualizr: aktualizr-repo was renamed to uptane-generator.
      		[+] 096c095 Don't try to put the repo manifest in the initramfs image.
      		[+] 7243d9f Print usage information after parameter checking.
      		[+] cfa1b1c Prevent creating an overlay with any path but the current directory.
      		[+] 81c1241 Copy the image and U-Boot rom when using overlays.
      		[+] 9119456 fixing broken link
      		[+] b81f795 Restore basic doc about getting started and dependencies.
      		[+] e5478da Fix typo.
      		[+] 0456755 OTA-3682: Remove the existing doc
      		[+] f017f75 Remove redundant content from the contrib doc.
      		[+] 2ecaee6 OTA-3629: Responding to PR comments
      		[+] 142e6b5 Fix some minor typos.
      		[+] 567701a Move rocko and sumo to the passive support list.
      		[+] c621729 OTA-3594: adding restructured Antora-friendly content
      		[+] 9dfb960 Use --wait-until-provisioned option while getting aktualizr status in the ip secondary tests
      		[+] 43277eb README: new section for garage-sign.
      		[+] 6317861 Use a default expiry of one month if nothing is specified.
      		[+] 63314d9 aktualizr: latest garage-sign with expiration support.
      		[+] 5e7ab27 Merge pull request #581 from advancedtelematic/backport/thud-19-08-14
      		[+] 90eddc0 Expose OSTREE_BOOT_PARTITION in do_image_ota
      		[+] cbcb34f Do not export anything in sota.bbclass
      		[+] 9cf041d Bump aktualizr and garage-sign versions to the latest.
      		[+] 574f9f0 qemucommand.py: redirect qemu monitor to null chardev
      		[+] 0f4c7fc Test for setting hwid
      		[+] 78401be More helpful error message when running qemu
      		[+] d1fbc35 Dont patch credentials
      		[+] e70b70d README: fix type in recipe name.
      		[+] 395e531 local.conf.sample: fix provisioning naming.
      		[+] 23f09fb README: add recommendations for logging.
      		[+] e733afe README: describe OSTREE_BRANCHNAME.
      		[+] c1a7031 README: update list of supported boards.
      		[+] a5408f2 initramfs-ostree-image: unset EXTRA_IMAGEDEPENDS to avoid extra dependencies
      		[+] 7679da3 oe-selftests: wait until provisioned
      		[+] a6e445b Longer timeout for primary/secondary oe-selftest
      		[+] 9ad56b9 image_types_ostree: add /usr/local support
      		[+] cf24eba image_types_ostree: make root directory only readable by root
      		[+] 78e5cf1 image_types_ostree: add top level directories unconditionally
      		[+] 7f330a2 Allow customization of data in targets.json
      		[+] 66a9013 Connman fix thud (#576)
      		[+] 9d96af1 Add bugfix service for old connman to systemd-networkd
      		[+] 3dad9df Do not create connman's resolv.conf symlink at boot
      	external/meta-updater-qemux86-64 changed from 214e14c4c45625842e542eebd696f903060d488f to thud
      		[+] ede8396 Merge pull request #42 from advancedtelematic/feat/thud/run-otf-on-pr
      		[+] e88d3c5 Trigger otf bitbake tests on PR
      		[+] ee88e0a Merge pull request #39 from advancedtelematic/feat/thud/2019.10
      		[+] 6dcb50e u-boot: only patch when building for qemu machines
      		[+] 027d2ab OTA-3734: gitlab CI job for meta-updater-qemux86-64
      		[+] ed799e9 Merge pull request #35 from advancedtelematic/feat/thud/2019.9-backport
      		[+] 1c55c50 layer.conf: specify layer dependencies.
      		[+] 90e443f README: update with docs portal links.
      	external/meta-updater-raspberrypi changed from 062194613515d4bf7d130f21ba3a0e1a2f0bb461 to thud
      		[+] ef5e2c2 Merge pull request #73 from advancedtelematic/feat/thud/2019.10
      		[+] d9408e7 Document limitations around dtparams and overlays
      		[+] ecfa644 Add support for audio on rpi
      	external/poky changed from 51f6145f8f99a02df1dad937684f014b0172e72a to thud
      		[+] 958427e9d2 Adding memoriam to scottrif
      		[+] f3dfec8aae linux-yocto/4.14: update Yocto Bsps to 4.14.154
      		[+] 390f760d17 linux-yocto/4.14: update to 4.14.154
      		[+] 3de2aeb687 glibc: finish incomplete fix for CVE-2016-10739
      		[+] 962cbc60d7 cve-check: fetch CVE data once at a time instead of in a single call
      		[+] 51553d9da2 cve-check: neaten get_cve_info
      		[+] 1a09e2a3cf cve-check: rewrite look to fix false negatives
      		[+] 3091533130 cve-update-db-native: clean up proxy handling
      		[+] 7da85f3a88 cve-update-db-native: add an index on the CVE ID column
      		[+] bc70e97a88 cve-update-db-native: don't hardcode the database name
      		[+] d5ef4072e8 cve-update-db-native: don't refresh more than once an hour
      		[+] e60099368b cve-check: we don't actually need to unpack to check
      		[+] f9b5a31a65 cve-check: failure to parse versions should be more visible
      		[+] 1675f9638a cve-check: ensure all known CVEs are in the report
      		[+] 593fe7e352 cve-check: backport rewrite from master
      		[+] 53acd121ab sudo: Fix CVE-2019-14287
      		[+] 4c556ab0d5 tar: Fix CVE-2018-20482
      		[+] a802677332 libgcrypt: CVE-2019-12904
      		[+] 304de32f80 sdk: Install nativesdk locales for all TCLIBC variants
      		[+] b54e834832 at-spi2: fix dbus-daemon path
      		[+] 9155e70299 bitbake: runqueue: fix multiconfig task dependency filtering
      		[+] 8cd3ee6e1a linux-yocto/4.14: meta-yocto-bsp update to 143
      		[+] 5bb142d7dd meta-yocto-bsp: Bump to the latest stable kernel for the BSPs
      		[+] a8640d9a60 bitbake: fetch2: Ensure cached url data is matched to a datastore
      		[+] 3e42c33da5 documentation: Setup for 2.6.4 release
      		[+] 532f2df770 bitbake: bitbake-worker child process create group before registering SIGTERM handler

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