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The launcher doesn't display applications


    • Renesas M3

      On next (not tested on master)

      The launcher does not display icons because ...

      • ... the homecreen service dont know any application because ...
      • ... it does not connect to the service afm-main because ...
      • ... the service service api of afm-main: afm-api-afm-main@1001.service is not not activated by systemd because ...
      • I DON'T KNOW ATM, all dependencies are looking correct ....

      I'm joining 3 files:

      • the journal
      • the svg plot of start up
      • the dot of dependencies of unit afm-service-homescreen-service--0.1-main@1001.service

      It looks like a systemd issue.

      I add the file journal-debug.txt that is an other start but with debug log activated to systemd. No trace of afm-api-afm-main

        1. homescreen-service-deps.dot
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        2. journal.txt
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        3. journal-debug.txt
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        4. startup.svg
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