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Media player stream at the same time from bluetooth and local media


      While streaming music via Bluetooth from YouTube on mobile device and if we switch to other Media Player for example Spottily or other , AGL Media Player lose focus and decide that device is gone. Result is - phone is still connected and streaming , you can hear audio. At the same time you can start playing local file from AGL Media Player and you will head both streams mixed at the same time.

      Affected boards :

      • m3ulcb
      • UP^2
      • Minnow board

      Mobile devices :

      • Samsung Galaxy Note 4
      • CAT S60
      • One Plus 3

      m3ulcb is locally builded - manifest.xml is attached below
      intel-corei7-x64 from Jan-Simon prebuilded images

      Steps to reproduce :
      1. Boot device
      2. Go to settings , enter bluetooth sub menu
      3. Pair and and after that connect mobile device
      4. Go to media player on AGL
      5. Play music from one YouTube on mobile device
      6. Switch to other media player on mobile phone

      Expected behavior :
      Media player on AGL exit from Bluetooh mod but still streaming audio.
      Should be able to play local file at the same time

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