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About windowmanager event


      About windowmanager event I have some questions,please look at below contents:

      1. For debugging onscreenapp I updated master recipes in 2019/1/20 and compiled,but when I debugging onscreenapp, I found that after calling deactivateWindow windowmanager wasn't working as expected, the log was in wm.log file.
      2. About Event_ScreenUpdated application can receive this event when new application window showing,
        the json contents as below:
      	{ "ids": [ "launcher" ] }

      When I debuged onscreenapp and show onscreen window,I got Event_ScreenUpdated as below:

      	{ "ids": [ "onscreenapp" ] }

      Then I touch onscreen's button to hide onscreen,at this time I can't get Event_ScreenUpdated.
      From upper logs,I understood that only when show application windowmanager will emit Event_ScreenUpdated.is it right?

      IMHO,it's not enough for applications.Below was a humble view of mine,please comment on it.Thank you in advance.

      • set all displaying application's id in Event_ScreenUpdated event who displaying on different layers.
      • when on all layers displaying status changed,windowmanager will emit Event_ScreenUpdated event.

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