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HomeScreen-Service improvement


      From two sides improving homescreen-service

      • Improve class cohesion and reduce public interface number:
      1. HS_ClientManager: only manager all clients and watch over connected session, don't concern request
      2. HS_Client: deal with all request
      3. In HS_ClientManager,delete interface functions who have the same name as verbs, added handleRequest function
      4. In HS_Client,change interface function liked "showWindow" to private, added handleRequest function

      Upper contents only need to change homescreen-service,don't influence other parts.

      • Unified event pattern(except on_screen_message/on_screen_reply)
        Now in homescreen-service, the pattern of event as below:
        "application_id": "application id", //destination application's id,must be specified
        "type":"event name",   // must be specified
        "parameter":{"the specific contents to applilcation"}  // maybe null

      But in hideWindow/showInformation/showNotification event application_id havs different meaning.For example, in hideWindow event application_id's meaning was the caller application's id.
      This change related to homescreen-service and homescreen(related to notification).


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