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Wrong script filename in note on https://docs-next.iot.bzh/docs/devguides/en/dev/reference/host-configuration/docs/2_AGL_Application_Framework.html


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      I followed the instructions with

      export REVISION=FunkyFlounder 


      Then the note on https://docs-next.iot.bzh/docs/devguides/en/dev/reference/host-configuration/docs/1_Prerequisites.html

         Note: You need to source a config file to use app-framework-binder just after the installation.
        source /etc/profile.d/AGL-app-framework-binder.sh
        This file will be source for every new session.


      Is wrong for me. The filename is here

      > ls /etc/profile.d/AGL-agl-app-framework-binder.sh


      There might be a diff between flounder and guppy here. Not sure.

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