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add new features in homescreen-service and homescreen


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      Add five verbs as below:

      1. showWindow
        Add this verb have two purpose:
        1)instead of tap_shortcut: use showWindow verb can set display area.please refer to showWindow.png.
        2)display onscreen: also can call onscreenapp.please refer to showOnscreen.png.
      2. hideWindow
        used when want to hide onscreen.please refer to showOnscreen.png.
      3. replyShowWindow
        used when post onscreen reply information to application.
        please refer to showOnscreen.png.
      4. showNotification
        used by application who want to display notification on homescreen top area.
        please refer to showNotification.png.
      5. showInformation
        used by application who want to display information on homescreen botton area.
        please refer to showInformation.png.

      Above revelent sourcecode is listed as below:


      1. add fullscreen transfer button
        press fullscreen transfer button,homescreen can hide/show
        the top and the bottom area,then make application displaying
        fullscreen/normal possible.
        please refer to full_normal_transfer.png.
      2. display notification and information
        when received showNotification or showInformation event,
        homescreen can display notification at top area, and display
        information at bottom area.
        please refer to showNotification.png and showInformation.png.
        display styles were presented in NotificationAndInformation.jpg.

      Because of "add fullscreen transfer button" function also need to change applications and windowmanager, so split this upload to two steps as below:

      1. upload homescreen-service/libhomescreen/libqthomescreen as above , only upload "display notification and information" in homescreen.
      2. upload "add fullscreen transfer button" in homescreen, change applications "tap_shortcut" callback function and upload, change homescreen's layer to top level in windowmanager.

        1. full_normal_transfer.png
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        2. NotificationAndInformation.jpg
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        3. showInformation.svg
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        4. showNotification.svg
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        5. showWindow.svg
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        6. showOnscreen.svg
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