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YouTube is failing to download poster images for videos


      Copied from https://jira.automotivelinux.org/browse/SPEC-1870:

      Regarding the first issue, YouTube is failing to download poster images for videos. 

      YouTube is a heavy application for network and it sends a lot of request(> 35)t to a remote server for various resources. YouTube App was taking a long time to receive a response from the server.

      > Enable remote debugging using chrome dev tool :

      mkdir -p /var/luna/preferences
      cd /var/luna/preferences
      touch devmode_enabled
      touch debug_system_apps

      then on your desktop browser connect to


      After increasing the number of a tinyproxy process instance(to 10) in tinyproxy.confyoutube app started loading video smoothly. MaxClients = 10, MinSpareServers = 5, MaxSpareServers = 20, StartServers = 10

      On EEL, it was working fine with existing setting MaxClients = 1,  StartServers = 1. That is a reason, changes for YouTube app are not merged in the wam-tinyproxy repository. Moreover, it doesn't make sense to a created unnecessary lot of tinyproxy for simple applications.

      This task needs to be revisited and analyzed further.

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