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New binding to provide system information through application framework


      Here is a description about a binding meant to provide os/platform/system information to others bindings or apps through application framework.

      Idea is to have an API which you could interrogate to retrieve some informations about the current configuration. This is useful to determine by example whether or not a bluetooth interface is available, or a GPS is present, the BSP version etc and then take the appropriates actions.

      So, to be consistent this work will follow the SPEC-720 work which already provides files with build, platform, informations. The binding reads the files defined by the SPEC-720 and keeps the informations in memory then it could be requested through an api verb "ask" with argument:

      Unknown macro: { 'key'}


      [\{'key': 'value'}, \{'key1':'value1'}, ...] or

      {'namespace': 'ns-os', {''key':'value'}} 

      The easier way would be to have JSON file in input or to have the ability to interpret several input format ini, yaml, bash conf, in some manner to stock their informations in a simple tree which classes the information in a namespace which is the file name (minus the potential extension).

      No further depth allowed, the binding is only meant to provide very simple and limited informations on the current running configuration. Goal here is again to have a KISS micro service.

      In a next step, it would monitor the files using inotify mechanism to catch updates and more important be connected to the udev daemon to be aware of any hotplug hardware.

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