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next branch towards YP 2.6 (thud)




      Preparation / Uprev to Yocto Project 2.6 (thud) as base of AGL.

      Latest status (20190404)

      Main boards status

      Machine Build status HMI 4A Comment
      qemux86-64 OK OK OK with tweak** 4A starts only if AVIRT is not used (workaround: rm /usr/libexec/agl/smixer/etc/smixer-4a-avirt.json && reboot -f). AVIRT failure is very probably due to missing kernel config fragment in qemu img => another issue
      m3ulcb OK OK OK with tweak 4A starts only if AVIRT is not used (workaround: rm /usr/libexec/agl/smixer/etc/smixer-4a-avirt.json && reboot -f)
      intel-corei7-64 OK OK OK**  Observing issue SPEC-2211 on up2
      dra7xx-evm unknown  unknown unknown   
      raspberrypi3 OK  unknown  unknown  Does not boot, stuck at "Starting kernel"
      m3ulcb-nogfx OK OK (none) unknown  
      h3ulcb OK OK OK with tweak same as m3ulcb

      Other boards status

      Machine Build status Runtime status Comment
      beaglebone unknown unknown  
      cyclone5 unknown unknown  
      dragonboard-410c unknown unknown [sdesneux: Should it still be supported?]
      dragonboard-820c unknown unknown  
      h3-salvator-x unknown unknown  
      imx6qsabreauto unknown unknown  
      imx6qsabrelite unknown unknown  
      joule unknown unknown  
      nitrogen6x unknown unknown  
      qemuarm unknown unknown  
      qemuarm64 unknown unknown  
      raspberrypi2 unknown unknown [sdesneux: Should it still be supported?] 
      raspberrypi3-64 unknown unknown  

      Build instructions

      IMPORTANT: it seems that the new handling of git submodules introduced recently on thud breaks the validity of "old" caches (in particular the download cache). So if you hit some issues with do_unpack tasks on agl-service-* packages, try to restart the build after a full wipe of the bitbake caches.

      To build for thud, use the following commands:

      repo init -b sandbox/sdesneux/thud-upgrade -m default.xml -u [https://gerrit.automotivelinux.org/gerrit/AGL/AGL-repo]
      repo sync
      [run aglsetup, bitbake ...]


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