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intel joule build break


      I am seeing the below build error only with -m joule target, on master.
      AGL CI snapshot for intel-corei7-64 target (not joule) seems to be OK (have daily artifacts):
      One thing I can see is that AGL CI kernel version is linux-yocto 4.8, but my build is 4.4.
      And meta-agl/meta-agl-bsp/conf/include/agl_joule.inc says is preferred kernel version is 4.4...

      | DEBUG: Executing shell function do_patch
      | (1/4) 0002-smack-fix-cache-of-access-labels.patch
      | (2/4) 0003-Smack-ignore-null-signal-in-smack_task_kill.patch
      | (3/4) 0004-Smack-Assign-smack_known_web-label-for-kernel-thread.patch
      | (4/4) 4.8-0001-SEC-Backport-Fix-CVE-2017-1000364-through-backport.patch
      | [INFO]: check of .kernel-meta//patches//./4.8-0001-SEC-Backport-Fix-CVE-2017-1000364-through-backport.patch with "git am" did not pass, trying reduced context.
      | [INFO]: Context reduced git-am of .kernel-meta//patches//./4.8-0001-SEC-Backport-Fix-CVE-2017-1000364-through-backport.patch with "git am" did not work, trying "apply".
      | error: arch/powerpc/mm/hugetlbpage-radix.c: does not exist in index
      | error: patch failed: arch/powerpc/mm/mmap.c:106
      | error: arch/powerpc/mm/mmap.c: patch does not apply
      | Context reduced to (2/2) to apply fragment at 313
      | error: patch failed: mm/memory.c:2744
      | error: mm/memory.c: patch does not apply
      | error: patch failed: mm/mmap.c:1998


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