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How to configure a service application?


      We try to create a service in the application framework.

      I found there is a sample in the git of  github.

      > https://github.com/iotbzh/app-framework-templates/tree/master/templates/service

      First we copied it and tried in CC3.0.3.

      In CC3.0.3, we met a problem with socket communication issue between applications as we said in agl-dicusstion.

      > https://lists.linuxfoundation.org/pipermail/automotive-discussions/2017-May/004102.html

      So we accept Mr jose’s advice, and tried it in the Dab3.99.1, but still had some problem.

      After we install this service and reboot. There is a blank icon in homescreen. But it did't appear in CC3.0.3.

      And we launched this service by "afm-util start binding-service@0.1"

      These is a new process created, but a little different like before.

      CC3.0.3:  /usr/bin/afb-daemon --ldpaths=/usr/lib/afb:/var/lib/afm/applications/settings/0.1/lib --mode=local --readyfd=8 --alias=/icons /var/lib/afm/icons --port=12345 --rootdir=/var/lib/afm/applications/settings/0.1 --token=03A46BF8 --sessiondir=/home/root/app-data/settings/.afb-daemon

      DD3.99.1: /usr/bin/afb-daemon --rootdir=/var/local/lib/afm/applications/binding-service/0.1 --workdir=/home/root/app-data/binding-service --roothttp=htdocs --no-httpd

      In the DD, it had nothing connection with binding-service.so and no port information in the process. I don't know Is this correct and how to use it.

      Does anybody know this, please give me some advice.

      Thanks very much!


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