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Move community board support files and recipes to meta-agl-devel




      The list of boards is growing:

      • cyclone5
      • dra7xx-evm
      • dragonboard-410c
      • h3ulcb
      • imx6qsabrelite
      • intel-corei7-64
      • joule
      • m3ulcb (+nogfx)
      • nitrogen6x
      • porter
      • qemux86 / qemux86-64
      • raspberrypi2
      • raspberrypi3
      • wandboard

      In the last AGL release (CC), only 3 boards are used as Reference Boards:

      • porter
      • intel-corei7-64
      • qemux86-64

      This is a proposal to make some cleanup in meta-agl (core layer) and move community boards support files into meta-agl-devel. This is a solution to isolate the non-maintained (or poorly-maintained) boards outside of main layers. Typically, the move to weston 1.11 (see SPEC-411) shows that changing a major component version for all BSPs at once is very difficult, as not all BSPs support the new version.

      Moving community boards support in meta-agl-devel provides a clear separation between official builds and community builds:

      • moving forward on reference design should be easier
      • it will also allow the community to align on the reference design at its own pace

      In details, this can be done in few steps:

      • create meta-agl-devel/templates/machines
      • create meta-agl-devel/meta-agl-bsp
        Then, for all community boards:
      • move files from meta-agl/templates/machines to meta-agl-devel/templates/machines
      • move directories and related files from meta-agl/meta-agl-bsp to meta-agl-devel/meta-agl-bsp
      • adjust meta-agl-devel/templates/machines// to reflect the new paths


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