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How to configure Security recommendations provided by AGL- documentation


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    • Lamprey 12.1.4
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      Where can we configure the recommendations provided by AGL in documentation.

      Please guide with the process through which we can make recommended changes. 

      Say for example :-

      Domain Config name Value
      Kernel-General-MAC-1 CONFIG_IP_NF_SECURITY m
      Kernel-General-MAC-2 CONFIG_IP6_NF_SECURITY m
      Kernel-General-MAC-3 CONFIG_EXT2_FS_SECURITY y
      Kernel-General-MAC-4 CONFIG_EXT3_FS_SECURITY y
      Kernel-General-MAC-5 CONFIG_EXT4_FS_SECURITY y
      Kernel-General-MAC-6 CONFIG_SECURITY y
      Kernel-General-MAC-7 CONFIG_SECURITY_SMACK y
      Kernel-General-MAC-8 CONFIG_TMPFS_XATTR y

      Let me know in which file we can make the necessary changes

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