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Consistency in how the compositor handles other clients when client shell is stopped/killed/restarted



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      This is more like a discussion, in which I'd like to get some feed-back on how should the compositor handle OTHER types of clients, that are still running, whenever the user deliberately and potentially not so deliberately, stops the client shell, whatever that might be: homescreen for Qt, or homescreen-html5 for WAM.

      We have two major category types of surfaces: regular ones, and pop-up/dialogs/fullscreen/split type of surfaces. Whenever the client shell is being stopped/killed the compositor gets a unbind request which can do some additional clean-up.

      For that time being that clean-up process just installs an additional black surface to avoid displaying another running clients and re-initializes some lists.

      The consistency matter that I'm bringing forward is that we delay presentation until the client tells the compositor it is ready to do so. On the reverse side, when client shell does not exist, what should happen with the connected clients?

      Connection wise:

      • should we terminate the connection?
      • should we keep the connection?

      Restarting client shell, -> what happens with the clients already connected?

      • assuming that we're restarting the client shell, we stop, and start it again, how should we handle the clients already connected? Assuming that we keep their current connection and do no terminate them, should we display whatever we were displaying before stopping the client? Currently, for regular type of surfaces, we don't attempt to display them when restarting the clients, while for other types we do.

      So I'm seeing some inconsistency on how we handle these clients still running, and should be address.

      /cc Walt Miner Scott Murray for feed-back on the matter.


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