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Update Renesas Machine configuration [m3|h3]ulcb



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      The default configuration of the Renesas machine [m3|h3]ulcb must have the kingfisher board support by default.

      I open this ticket to discuss about the Renesas board configuration support.

      Last month we had some changes on AGL, about Renesas board configuration support, and many people seem to disagree with those changes.

      One request was made to revert this commit:

      As an answer to this request, I created a gerrit review:

      But with too few explanations (my fault sorry).

      We want support and the best integration possible of the Renesas boards (and Kingfisher support) in AGL.

      I will try to describe, in the most concise way, the statement of work of the Renesas machine configuration in AGL.
      (Not the current state but what we really want at the end).

      It's open to discussion and can evolve.

      This is what I propose:

      1) Mandatory support Machine:

      • m3ulcb (with kingfisher support)
      • m3ulcb-nogfx (with kingfisher support)
      • h3ulcb (with kingfisher support)
      • h3ulcb-nogfx (with kingfisher support)

      Note: The kingfisher support comes from layer "meta-rcar" from Cogent.

      2) Only [m3|h3]ulcb-nogfx are used in AGL CI.

      It means if the kingfisher support is broken, the AGL CI is also broken.
      During this time we need to commit a fix to remove the KF support from AGL and revert it after fixing "meta-rcar".

      3) Optional support machine:

      • ebisu
      • m3-salvator-x
      • h3-salvator-x

      Note: These optional machines do not used the "meta-rcar" from Cogent.

      4) None of the optional machine are used in AGL CI.

      5) Currently, we use a white list to add recipes from "meta-rcar" (Cogent layer) to AGL.

      6) The image and the SDK generated with the Kingfisher support has got a specific file name not to be confused with the one without kingfisher support.



      These are the questions we need answer:

      1.1) Q: Do we want to have kingfisher support for [m3|h3]ulcb-nogfx?

      2.1) Q: Do we want to remove the kingfisher support, from AGL, each time it is broken?

      2.2) Q: Do we want to have a solution to build [m3|h3]ulcb without kingfisher support?

      2.3) Q: If 2.2) == yes: Do we want an AGL feature to disable KF support or an AGL machine config?

      5.1) Q: Do we want to use a black list or a white list to manage the kingfisher support?
      We don't use all the recipes from the Layer meta-rcar (from Cogent, kingfisher support layer).
      Only recipes in cogent-symlinks directory are used in AGL.
      The selection can be made in two way:

      A black list:

      • We need to add recipes each time something goes wrong.
      • Each time we update the layer "meta-rcar" we must check the recipes black list.

      A white list(Current choice):

      • We need to check each time new recipes coming from the layer "meta-rcar".

      5.2) Q: if 5.1) == white list: What recipes do we want in the white list?

      Note 5):
      The white list is defined thanks to layer.conf:

      from meta-agl/meta-agl-bsp/meta-rcar-gen3-adas/conf/layer.conf

      BBFILES += " \
          ${LAYERDIR}/cogent-symlinks/recipes-*/*/*.bb \
          ${LAYERDIR}/cogent-symlinks/recipes-*/*/*.bbappend \
          ${LAYERDIR}/recipes-*/*/*.bb \
          ${LAYERDIR}/recipes-*/*/*.bbappend \

      And recipes are added by symlink in directory:

      If you have some other requests, please do not hesitate to express them or any comments.

      I will update this description.


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