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Have a dev, SMACK free environment for debugging purposes



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      I find more often that I'd like, when trying to debug some parts of the AGL system that I'm unable to use strace or attach with gdb to processes. Running as root it won't work when some applications are running as restricted, or as limited users, so even if I can trace or use gdb on the application I need it can't make it work with others (which I often need to). 

      Ideally, the end goal here is to able to run processes independently without forking them in the bg. 

      I always need to jump through all kind of hops just to get some stacktrace or to be able to test something really quick. It would be of tremendous help to have a "dirty" way to either disable SMACK entirely (which doesn't seem to be working), or have some dev policies that have "allow all" permissions. I think the latter would be proper way of doing it. 

      It seems rather silly to include debugging tools, just to find out that you can't actually use them. Also, this would also be nice to have to figure out if this is a SMACK kind of problem or a AFM one (which crawl from time to time). 




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