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Output orientation will make chromium/ozone to draw the surface incorrectly


      I'm using the transform=90 and transform=270 to change the output orientation. While transform=0 and transform=180 work correctly the 90 and 270 cause only a certain piece of the surface to be displayed. The remaining on the screen is displayed in blank/black. Using pixman instead, causes them to be shown as white.

      The ozone/chromium also creates a SHM cursor so that is displayed correctly, in the entire output (unlike the webapp/surface). Also the input region seem to also work correctly, so scrolling up/down moves the window (even outside that area), it just that we only render a piece of surface. Depending on the orientation (90 or 270 degrees) the two of the are shifted diagonally (see the attached pictures).

      • re-tested with qtwayland, it works just fine
      • trying with youtube and video display shows correctly, but there are no controls (there's an overlay – not the HW plane, that contains the buttons for the video like play/fullscreen) when switching to fullscreen.
      • Gave weston7 and weston8 a test, with a un-modified version (I mean without my agl-shell modifications) to chromium/ozone and it happens the same as in the picture(s), when I try to re-size the view to the fullscreen. I've been going over the protocol once more but I'm not seeing anything weird. One thing that I've noticed while using deskop-shell, is that the surface seems to be resized correctly yet it doesn't update correctly. There's short flicker (for a few frames) in which it appears to draw correctly then it goes fully white (for a few frames as well) and finally it shows the window like in the pictures.

      Attached the protocol between the compositor and the client.

      Added a WebAppMgr label but this is actually a client (ozone/chromium) issue.

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