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docs-webtemplate instructions to work with local repos are incomplete


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      Following the README.md file in the docs-webtemplate repository I created a `__fetched_files_local.yml` file with the following content:

          url_fetch : /home/pbarker/Projects/agl/docs-sources
          git_name: "automotive-grade-linux/docs-sources"

      This resulted in the following fetch error:

      $ make fetch 
      doctools/docbuild   --fetch --force --versions= --sections=
      Loading tool config file /home/pbarker/Projects/agl-docs/docs-webtemplate/doctools/conf/AppDefaults.js
      Loading site config at /home/pbarker/Projects/agl-docs/docs-webtemplate/conf/AppDefaults.js
      Moving to /home/pbarker/Projects/agl-docs/docs-webtemplate
      ERROR: no version in local fetch file for git_name: automotive-grade-linux/docs-sources
      make: *** [Makefile:42: .fetch.ts] Error 1

      After digging through the javascript in the docs-tools repository I found that I should add a `version: master` line to the above yaml file.

      I don't want to just add this myself as there's probably other options and considerations here and my understanding of javascript code is very limited. The readme file needs to be updated by someone familiar with the documentation build process.

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