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unable to run agl-service-gps tests


    • Intel Minnowboard, Intel Upsquare, Renesas M3

      git clone -b guppy https://gerrit.automotivelinux.org/gerrit/apps/agl-service-gps.git

      The agl-service-gps is affected by SPEC-2314
      After renaming the .json file with its proper 'aft-agl-' naming convention, the produced services are marked with '-dirty' postfix.

      According to the documentation - http://docs.automotivelinux.org/master/docs/apis_services/en/dev/reference/afb-test/launch-the-tests.html#example-on-a-target - running afm-test agl-service-gps-test should provide us with a list of the examples ran and their PASS/FAIL result .
      This is what happens when a test is ran on a board:

      PASS: agl-service-gps-test@1.0-2c2b36d-dirty started with pid=14628
      ERROR: failed Resource temporarily unavailable
      PASS: agl-service-gps-test@1.0-2c2b36d-dirty killed and removedĀ 

      Diving deeper into the tests, it turns out that the gpsfake utility is used to simulate NMEA test data.
      gpsfake is python 2 utility, part of the gpsd project - http://catb.org/gpsd/gpsfake.html (- but for some reason seems to be distributed separately in Debian 9 and provided by the 'python-gps' package').
      gpsfake is also missing in AGL.

      It is difficult to discern where is that "Resource temporarily unavailable" error coming from.

      Copying gpsfake manually on the board and executing it shows errors for missing gps and socket modules.

      Even if the 'gps' module is missing, the 'socket' module should be part of the standard python base library.

      You can verify the missing modules by executing "python" and running "import gps" or "import socket".

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