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signal-composer start failed


      I was trying to use signal-composer to get data from low-can and gps, so I tried as below:

      • modify an application's config.xml file to require signal-composer.
        <feature name="urn:AGL:widget:required-api">								
         <param name="signal-composer" value="ws"/>					
      • start the application and look at journalctl log.

      With upper operation, I got the error log in log.txt.
      Please help checking whether there are any errors existing.

        1. agl-service-signal-composer_git.bb
          0.7 kB
        2. control-signal-composer.json
          0.7 kB
        3. control-signal-composer.json
          0.6 kB
        4. log.txt
          9 kB
        5. log1.txt
          38 kB
        6. log-7.0.2.txt
          8 kB
        7. sig-geoloc.json
          0.3 kB
        8. signal-composer-7.0.1.zip
          34 kB
        9. sources.json
          0.3 kB
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