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fall into afb_api_call_sync


      As the title, when I tested my program in lastest master environment, I found this issue. The test procedures as below:
      1. use "afm-util install xx.wgt" to install new application
      2. look at launcher application for checking whether application list is updated.

      The result was not update.
      From the journalctl log I found that when homescreen-service received application-list-changed event from afm-main it tried to get runnalbes list from afm-main, then it falled into "afb_api_call_sync" api. But when I used old version master environment (2018/12/18) , homescreen-service didn't fall into "afb_api_call_sync".
      Upper description may not be easy to understand´╝î please reference error_sequence.png.

      related source
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      I had two issues as below:
      1. why in lastest version homescreen-service could fall into "afb_api_call_sync" when received "application-list-changed" event?
      2. how can I rollback af-main and af-binder to old version in lastest master environment?

      2019-03-06 :
      I changed af-binder version to "Remove useless %lang% prefix in yaml book file" at 2018-12-19, then this issues didn't happen, but the application starting speed became slow.

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