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bluetooth-service: early API call to 'power' verb fails


      When a service depending on Bluetooth-Manager starts at boot, it will trigger the start of agl-service-bluetooth through systemd services dependencies.

      As soon as the agl-bluetooth-service is initialized, the client service can then start and make a request to Bluetooth-Manager.

      But as reproduced with the attached script bt_startup_test.sh  sometimes, the initial request to the 'power' verb will fail:

      h3ulcb:~# ./bt_startup_test.sh 
      --- 10:04:16.247: restart afm-service-agl-service-bluetooth--
      --- 10:04:16.302: power - try 1
      {"jtype":"afb-reply","request":{"status":"failed","info":"Unable to get power status","uuid":"0ba3ecd9-1ab0-4cc4-b9e3-d4e472d18215"}}
      --- 10:04:16.416: power - try 2
      {"response":{"power":"on"},"jtype":"afb-reply","request":{"status":"success","info":"Radio - Power set","uuid":"1261fafd-1ab0-4bac-bd85-c775f8708216"}}
      --- 10:04:16.531: power - try 3
      {"response":{"power":"on"},"jtype":"afb-reply","request":{"status":"success","info":"Radio - Power set","uuid":"1936b710-1ab0-4769-9c5a-6b4153158217"}}

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