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Rename docker worker containers and reduce size


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      docker-worker-generator is used to generate docker containers that can be used for platform development (fully rebuild AGL platform) or for applications development (build an app or a service based on AGL SDK).

      So I propose to rename images as follow  

      docker.automotivelinux.org/agl/worker-generic  ==> docker.automotivelinux.org/agl/platform-devel

      docker.automotivelinux.org/agl/worker-xds ==> docker.automotivelinux.org/agl/application-devel

      Moreover X11 and documentation tools/utilities are install by default and are rarely used.
      So I propose to not install them by default and add scripts inside container (eg. /home/devel/
      additional_install/x11_tools.sh) that can allow user to easily install those tools manually if he really need them.

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