• Virtualization

      Virtualization can be used to provide HW isolation (memory, interrupts, etc) as well as to achieve Electronic Control Unit (ECU) functions portability and consolidation (e.g., soft ADAS + IVI + instrument cluster on the same platform). The recent availability of automotive platforms/SoCs with virtualization extensions, makes the use of virtualization in automotive possible. However, virtualization can be implemented through type-1/type-2 hypervisors, containers or resources partition solutions. All of them comes with different characteristics, strengths and shortcomings.

      The objective of this issue is to provide one (or more) open source virtualization solution(s) for AGL, which provides the best trade off between performance, security, safety, and where needed certifiability, RT responsiveness and HW acceleration.

      The activities to bring virtualization in AGL include:

      • Definition of Requirements, use cases and AGL specifications (in cooperation with AGL SAT)
      • Existing technology evaluation
      • Iterative Proof of concepts development, starting from basics
      • Testing

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