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unicens initialisation does not protect the required sequencing


      The required sequence for Unicens is as follow.

      • MOST driver must be loaded
      • /usr/bin/unicens-config.sh must be finished
        There is a fix pending (Soya-San found), but it is only related to UnshieldedTwistedPair(UTP)-Setup
      • require alsa-core (for HalServiceInit()) 
      • requires API "agl-service-unicens" started (setting up the network)

      The execution of /usr/bin/unicens-config.sh is done in the service

      But the other Unicens startup process do not wait on this service to be finish before going on.

      4a will only start after afm-api-ws-unicens@%i.socket, so a dependency in afm-api-ws-unicens@%i.socket must be added to wait for  /usr/bin/unicens-config.sh to complete.

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