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Pulseaudio crashes when trying to add 4A Alsa sinks


      Opening this to track the issue per Jan-Simeon.  While trying to enable using the 4A Alsa sinks with Pulseaudio by running the recommended "pacmd load-module module-alsa-sink device=Multimedia" command, the pulseaudio daemon crashes, with this in the journal:


      Nov 14 17:38:01 intel-corei7-64 pulseaudio[13961]: LaunchCallRequest: Fail ws-client=unix:/run/user/0/apis/ws/ahl-4a query=stream_close&{ }
      Nov 14 17:38:01 intel-corei7-64 pulseaudio[13961]: Error on PCM Release Call
      Nov 14 17:38:01 intel-corei7-64 pulseaudio[13961]: AlsaPcmHook Plugin Close Fail PCM=Multimedia


      When Fulup investigated, it looked to him like the high level binding behavior has changed since he last tested this with the Alsa hook plugin, and he required input from Francois from AudioKinetics to debug further.

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